Colours count

Do you look best in warm colours or cool colours? 
Do you look best in strong colours, soft colours or subtle colours? 
Do you know which colours flatter your complexion - and your figure?        Let me show you YOUR best colours!

Want to know which colours ..

enhance your natural beauty
make you look younger
reduce your wrinkles?

Or watch the videos below to see how it works. 

Step 1.  Uncovering your colours


A personal colour draping session is fun and immediately shows you which colours suit you best. The videos will show you how it works. 

Step 2: Discovering your colour palette


"How amazing! Orange looks good on me.
I never expected that!"


Don't take my word for it

Listen to Chris as she describes her experience of having her colours done.
It can literally make you look years younger. 


Choosing a wardrobe is now fun

I can go into a shop and not be bamboozled by choice or find myself buying the safe, conservative item (usually black). I have renewed confidence and enjoy colour, style and most excitingly texture. It is amazing what a difference it has made to my outlook and self-image. Thank you again. Alex

Thank you for today's consultation  

I have gone through my wardrobe today and been ruthless - no more keeping that outfit because of how much it cost, no more waiting for that pair of trousers/skirt/dress to fit again and no more wrong colours (much less blue and white)

I can now see my clothes. I've organised them by type and colour as well as by season so I have outfits - not just separate pieces. ~Julie


How to tell what shades suit you



Your face lights up, as do your eyes
Your face, hair, eyes, skin are enhanced by the colour



Shadows appear under your chin and neck
Wrinkles or marks on your face appear more prominent
Your face changes colour and makes you pale, washed out or redder
The colour overpowers you so you disappear and the colour dominates


What next?