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"It's so wonderful to have a one-on-one service with you! You know what I like. Where else can a lady go for a cup of coffee, a chat, meet like wise ladies, pat a dear old cat!! "

Thank you Vivienne.

VIP Shopping @ ANDIAMO

"I want to thank you and your team for all the terrific assistance with your great range of clothes last Thursday with Viv, Petrina, and Suse. 

I’m back in Jackson Hole and already wearing the short gray/black hooded jacket (it's still end of winter here) and received many compliments.

Your pants fit very well, so wore them on the plane… 25 hours of travel and still looking good. I’m taking them to Italy, Spain and France this month, too."

Wardrobe Reviews

I Feel Attractive Again

On the day I guess I felt a combination of surrender, nerves, excitement and relief; and now having had time to think about it the overall word I would now use would be "attractive". I feel attractive for the first time in years. And with that comes a quiet confidence. There is a confidence in knowing that whatever I now wear looks good. Gone is the worry of trying to put it all together or trying to make it work. And that is a relief. 

With heartfelt thanks, ~ Louisa


Thank You!  

I have gone through my wardrobe today and been ruthless - 

  • no more keeping things because of how much it cost
  • no more waiting for that pair of trousers/skirt/dress to fit again
  • no more wrong colours (much less blue and white)

I have culled about a quarter and realise I had far too many clothes so I didn't wear things because I didn't see them or what would match.

I can see my clothes now

I've organised them by type and colour now as well as by season so I have outfits - not just separate pieces.  I am enthused!!  ~ Julie


You Made It Fun

The thought of “getting rid” of the excess clothes in my wardrobe was traumatic! It could have been a nightmare but you made it so much fun. On the way you explained why the clothes were not suitable now (some had never been ) and what to look for in the future." ~ Roxanne

Dressing For Success

"With your help I have turned four items into ten outfits and saved countless frustrating hours shopping. I've really learned how to dress for success."


"Thanks so much for a great wardrobe session yesterday. I appreciated your clarity, decisiveness, kindness, fun and generosity of spirit and time!  I never once felt ashamed and that is saying something pretty significant for me - and has everything to do with your style and Treen’s too!  I loved having you here.  

 I came home last night and bagged that great big pile of clothes. Malcolm took them to a Vinnie’s bin.  It was so great.  Then I cleaned out the closet and got everything hung and put away.  Still working on folding all the clothes - a shortage of boxes and no time to get out to buy some!  I am eager to do some shopping with you."

Warmly, Ann


You've taken the frustration out of shopping

... saving me time and money. Thank you for offering such a fantastic service. My husband and I are delighted with the lasting results."  An impressed client - now looking her best


Love Your Wardrobe