Travel Wardrobes

looking stylish out of a suitcase

Have you ever taken a large suitcase with too much clothing on a holiday and still found that you didn't have the right clothes?

This is a common frustration which is why I offer packing services for those in Sydney - and made a video for those who aren't nearby. 

    Capsule wardrobes

    With careful planning and packing, you only need a small suitcase and capsule wardrobe for most holidays.

    This suitcase includes cosmetics, vitamins, cosies and wraps - and will usually weigh in at under 22kgs. It is important to plan.

    Decide what type of weather you are packing for. Lay everything you plan to pack on the bed. Only pack items that will go with at least 3 other things. Choose 3 accent colours - and leave room for holiday purchases.

    Would you like help packing?

    If you live in the Sydney area and would like help packing, please call or text to make an appointment.


    Client Comments

    "Recently, Vivienne coordinated and packed a travel wardrobe for me in under an hour. At the end of our session, I had both a neatly packed suitcase - and photos of possible outfit combinations.
    I travelled light and had the right clothes for every situation in which I found myself.
    Vivienne took all of the stress out of preparing a capsule, travel wardrobe. Thank you!!!!!"  ~  Terri