Style Secrets

Enter the world of effortless dressing with stylish, breathtaking results. To start you must understand your style.


Your Personality Style

Is it casual? creative? feminine? dramatic? or a combo?  
You always have a dominant personality style and a couple of secondary styles.

My style tends to be casual, feminine and elegant with a bit of funk.

Everyday elegance for work or play

Everyday elegance for work or play

Funky fancy pants for a change

Funky fancy pants for a change

Your dominant clothing style will reflect and support your personality, lifestyle and innate preferences.

When I completed Viv's Personality Style profile I discovered I was Traditional/Casual. Six years later I am more Creative/Casual.  

I have loosened up, dropped the formality and tried new things.  I have relaxed the way I dress - yet I dress with more style. I love the results - and that fantastic feeling that comes with looking stylish. Thank you Viv! ~Barbara

    Feel confident

    True confidence is one of the most attractive characteristics in the world, and one of the best ways to achieve it is to look smart and feel good. 


    Looking smart is important

    How liberating to meet you! I realise I don’t need to be an expert at choosing clothes because YOU are.
    I really appreciated your approach from assessing my lifestyle needs and preferences through helping me understand the colours that best suit me, to selecting clothes that flatter my figure. I look better and spend less on clothes. You have a convert!  ~ Camille

    A polished image

    It starts with having the basics in your wardrobe.
    There’s no doubting it: a polished image is a work of art, and a true self-confidence builder.


    Your style evolves over time but the foundation elements remain the same.
    You'll always need basic dark and light colours to enable you to mix and match to create a stylish wardrobe easily.


    "With your help I have turned four items into ten outfits and saved countless frustrating hours shopping. I've really learned how to dress for success."

    Wear your clothes with abandon and enjoy them!

    • Don't save your good clothes for special occasions.
    • Don't be afraid to mix fabrics.
    • Inject glamour with jewellery, lace and delicate crushed shrugs.